Start off your day on top of the world with: fresh-pressed juices, organic smoothies, naturally leavened bread, homemade protein-packed chia pudding, alternative grain cookies, fresh pillowy kolaches, seed and nut energy bars and craft granolas, a grains-and-green bowl or our famous healthy modcakes. We are also making our own yogurt-try it in-house or grab it to-go. Go forth and conquer!




Join us for brunch! Our menu and Modcakes celebrate whole grains, a delicious, fiber-rich form of energy and an important part of a healthy, aligned diet. Our bodies are out of sync with modern processed foods—including hybridized, commercially milled white flour. Our fresh, stoneground flour has life force in it (who knows how old that sack of flour from the store is!) and is free of inflammatory chemicals and full of pre-biotic fiber that helps restore healthy gut biota. 


Isn’t it crazy how the right book seems to find you at just the right moment?  We believe that books light up pathways of growth and change in life and we hope our selection—each one chosen with hope, curiosity and wonder in mind—facilitate this synchronicity. May you find wisdom, love, and inspiration in their pages.